March-April 2018

Leprechauns and Banjos: St. Paddy's Day Show in Los Angeles!

By David Bragger

leprechaun poster smA little over a year ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Ireland. My bandmate Chris Berry and I were the guests of the Helnwein family. If you're not aware of Gottfried Helnwein's art, you've probably seen it but don't realize it. His artwork and photography have graced many album covers over the decades. His photorealistic paintings hang in prestigious museums and are known for their hyperrealism, surrealism and themes of lost innocence and war. The family has been dubbed "The Addams Family of Europe." Chris and I enjoyed many days of relaxation and music at their home: Castle Gurteen.

Castle GurteenThe castle is full of meticulously arranged relics from the 19th century, macabre curios from their collection and Gottfried's towering paintings. During the visit, our gracious hosts brought us to several old pubs to hear music. Late at night, we played tunes with traditional Irish musicians and heard old ballads. We were shocked at how excited they were to hear old-time music, especially the tunes that were bluesy. Narmour and Smith's Carroll County Blues was a big hit, as well as Howard Armstrong's State Street Rag. One evening, musicians from around the area were invited over to the castle for an evening of music and spirits. We all shared our tunes and songs through song, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, harp and banjo. Needless to say, the trip made a very deep impression on me.

So it turns out that 2018 is giving us a St. Paddy's Day on a Saturday. My wheels started spinning and I decided to put together a unique St. Paddy's Day celebration. One that is centered around old-time music. So the Old-Time Tiki Parlour has teamed up with the 3rd Saturday Square Dance to put together an old-time concert/jam party/square dance to celebrate! Come and celebrate with us on March 17th! The event will be held at an American Legion Hall. It's a family friendly event and there is also a bar for those that are 21+! Before the festivities begin, Evie Ladin will be hosting an old-time Singing Workshop. The workshop will be followed by a concert with Evie Ladin and Keith Terry. Then the jamming and square dance begins with Los Angeles' old-time string bands Sausage Grinder and Echo Mountain!


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm: Old-Time Harmony Singing Workshop with Evie Ladin (Seats are limited)

7:30 pm: Concert with Evie Ladin & Keith Terry

9:00 pm - 11:00 pm: Square Dance and Jamming! Tunes played by Sausage Grinder and Echo Mountain. Calling by Evie Ladin & LA's awesome Rookie Callers Club!

Evie Ladin Keith Terry
Evie Ladin and Keith Terry
Sausage Grinder sm
Sausage Grinder

Echo Mountain sm
Echo Mountain

Evie Ladin Band - Ease On Down

Sausage Grinder - Hokum Blues

David Bragger is a Los Angeles-based instructor and player of old time fiddle and banjo music. He also photographs, films, and collects the lore of traditional artists, from puppeteers in Myanmar to fiddlers of Appalachia The Old Time Tiki Parlour


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