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We are the voice for folk, roots, traditional music, dance and related folk arts.

The world today is filled with glitz and noise, but there is a softer voice rooted in people getting together to sing, play, dance and tell stories. We are the living communities of the folk and traditional arts fueled by the energy of vibrant and culturally diverse populations.

FolkWorks is the source for folk/roots/traditional music, dance and related folk arts – vibrant, and often overlooked by the popular media. Originally a print publication (January 2001), we went online in July 2007. (You can view the print copy in PDF format under ARCHIVES from the main menu.)

FolkWorks features articles and columns, interviews and CD reviews contributed by folks in the community. Our extensive calendars contain both live and virtual events, with the ability to filter by location and genre. They are provided directly by artists, venues, producers in the community.

CHECK OUT articles, columns, interviews, videos and extensive calendar listings.

DISCOVER the joy in getting together to sing, play instruments, dance, tell stories or just sit back and listen.

Barbara Morrison

Our Board Members

Our Board members share a love of folk music and dance. We came together in 2000 to help promote folk and traditional music and dance. At the time, we felt the best way to do this was to publish a hard copy newspaper that gave exposure to all the events, organizations, musicians, dancers and storytellers that were overlooked by the mainstream media. Since then we’ve moved from the hard copy newspaper to this online e-zine, and produced concerts and festivals, as well as some live streaming events… We have a presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and have moved from covering a local area to a calendar of events (virtual or live) anywhere in the world.

Our goal is still the same as when we began . . . to spread the  word of these folk/trad/roots happenings to the global  community.


Fred Aronow
Liz Carroll
Tom Carroll
Mary Pat Cooney
Linda Dewar
Suni Paz
Tom Sauber
Nick Smith

2021 Donor Wall of Appreciation

Ross Altman
Harriet / Fred Aronow
Aubyn / Doug Biery
Renee Bodie
Ned Boyer
Dale Briedenthal
Rolly Brown
Barbara / Andy Cameron
Charlotte Cantrell
Jeanne Cate
Tom / Cass Cheyney
Ron Coke
Kristi Cottrell
Wendy Cutler
Andy Denes
Jan Durham
Bonita Edelberg
Nina Edelstein
Joyce Epstein
Nancy Felixson
David Fertig
Van Fleisher
John Freeman

Isabel / Jack Freeman
Kirk Gardner
Barbara / Kurt Gary
Donald Gatewood
Susie Glaze
Robyn Golden
Sandy Goldfarb
Rona Golfen
Marilyn Goodman / Jay Smith
Roger Goodman / Monika White
Jane Gorbaty
Charlotte Gould
Paul Greene
Jim Hamilton
Aleta Hancock
Rita / Michael Hand
Georgiana Hennessey
Frank Hoppe
Trudy / Peter Israel
Loren Kalmen
Dodi / Marty Kennerly
Kristi Kiger Upman
Linda Kodaira
Venida Korda

Dave Leddel
Linda Levinson
Steve Litvack
Susan Locke
Chris Loken
Judi Luneek
Aedan MacDonnell
Jerry Manpearl
David Matsu
John McClure
John McKenna
Nan McKinley
Art Meyers
Jay / Jill Michtom
Ron Milberger
Karen / David Minnicks
Vic Mlotol / Anne Warner
JT Mooring
Jackie Morris
Virginia Morris
Lena Newman
Tracy Newman
Stevie Nolan
Paul Nolan

Greg / Tori Notz
Cathy Parsa
Chris Peoples
Theodore Peters
Lenny Potash
Frank Prevas
Jon Rand
Hank Rodgers
Milt / Stefani Rosenberg
Larry Rosenberg
Ruth Rosenblatt
Steve Rosenwasser / Kelli Sager
Jack Rothman
Karen Rowinsky
Renee Safier
Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club
Bob Satuloff
Gaili Schoen
Yatrika Shah-Rais
Leda / Steve Shapiro
Marian Shapiro
Heidi Shuler
Miriam Sidanius

Gayle Smashey
Ezekiel Smukler
Rena Sonshine
Sylvia Soos
Debbie Spiegelman
Ruth Stewart
Alan Stone
Rowan Storm
Elizabeth Sturgen
Tim Taylor
Robert Templeton
Robin Van Zak
Ellen Verdies
Chris Votek
Joe Wack
April Wayland
Guy Webster
Howard Weinberg
Kenny White
Chris Wlson / Pam Marshall
Jacquie Wohl
Mark Wrinitsky
Kenneth Yapkowitz
Edward Young