November-December 2010


David Bragger Fiddle Workshop at the 2010 Old Time Fiddlers Convention in Goleta

For my fiddle workshop I taught two tunes out of High Bass tuning (ADAE). One of those tunes, Can You Dance a Tobacco Hill?, comes from the Kentucky fiddler Owen "Snake" Chapman. It's a great tune for practicing your shuffle phrases since the melody contains many notes. Notey shuffles are often a challenge for the aspiring fiddler and this short length tune has plenty of them. However the tune is repetitive in nature which makes it easy to handle. Good luck fiddlers!!!

Sausage Grinder w/ Steve James plays "If You'se a Viper"


Can You Dance a Tobacco Hill? (Up Tempo)

"Can You Dance a Tobacco Hill? (Slow Instruction with Bowing)"

David Bragger is a Los Angeles-based instructor and player of old time fiddle and banjo music. He also photographs, films, and collects the lore of traditional artists, from puppeteers in Myanmar to fiddlers of Appalachia


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