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If you’re looking for a song, you’ll often find it right here in the Digital Tradition Folk Song Database.
Feel free to post a request, but we ask you to use the search box in the upper-left corner of this page (and most other Mudcat pages) to search the database and forum for your lyrics before you post a request for them. We have some 9,000 folk songs in the database, so it’s one of the best places to look. Even if your song isn’t in the database, our search engine will also search the forum for songs that may not yet have been included in the database.

If you’re looking for a folk song that isn’t in the database or forum, start a new thread [click here to create a thread (topic)], and make sure the title or a phrase from the song you want is in the thread title. Generic titles like “desperately seeking lyrics” may end up being used for many different songs, and that gets very confusing. Please try to tell us whatever you know about the song – phrases you recall, where you heard it, and so on. Often, songs have various titles that can cause confusion, and a phrase may be a better way to locate a song.

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