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PO Box 54743, Atlanta, GA 30308
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Founded by Lance Ledbetter in 1999, Dust-to-Digital is currently operated by Lance and his wife April in Atlanta, Georgia. Dust-to-Digital began its mission of creating access to hard-to-find music by producing high-quality books, box sets, CDs, DVDs and vinyl records.

The company continues those efforts and has also evolved to the media delivery standards of today — namely the computer and smart phone. By combining research with images, audio and videos, Dust-to-Digital is continuing to entertain and to educate new audiences of adventurous listeners.

In 2012, Lance and April Ledbetter started a non-profit organization. Music Memory was formed as a way to take action to ensure the sounds and recordings of our past would be preserved. The goal of this company is to make the music from the past available to researchers, teachers and the public so that it can educate and enlighten present and future generations. To date, Music Memory has digitized over 50,000 recordings.

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