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San Diego, California
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Our Vision: Our vision is a world that celebrates cross-cultural understanding, respect, communication, and healing through the performing arts traditions of cultures East and West.

What We Do: Our programs in San Diego and beyond serve as a model for promoting intercultural communication, awareness, and understanding.

  • Through World Music in the Schools, we engage students in music and dance from around the world.
  • We sponsor concerts and performing arts festivals in San Diego and other major cities in the United States and abroad. These concerts present highly respected musicians that excite and inspire audiences, opening new cultural vistas. The Center also organizes tours of major artists and groups to cities across the United States.
  • We present workshops of music and dance traditions from around the world: India, Indonesia, Mexico, Africa, Spain, and more. We are especially proud of our long-standing Odissi Dance School in North County, San Diego.
  • Our programs abroad provide transformative experiences of travel and authentic cultural immersion.
  • To help support traditional performing artists, we connect musicians with performance opportunities. If you are interested in a world music performance at your venue or event, please contact us.
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