Frequently Asked Questions

You can become a CONTRIBUTOR which will allow you to enter events into our Events Calendar. Click this link for the request to become a CONTRIBUTOR

The FolkWorks website has a Resource section that has a Stores category. This section features stores that sell instruments. There is also a category for Instrument Makers and Repairs, so this is also a good place to look. Finally, the Internet Groups section has online groups that have a lot of discussion about instruments so check there.

Click on Resources from the main horizontal menu. There is a category Instructors. You will find them there… and you can list yourself if you are a teacher.

Once COVID restrictions on public dances are behind us, there are two places on the FolkWorks website to look for dances. The Events Calendar section has a Category for Dances and Subcategories for the particular type of dance that you are looking for. Use this filter plus the location filter to find dances. Also, the Resources section has listings for Ongoing Dances. Check there as well.

FolkWorks is not a membership organization. We did have “memberships” prior to COVID but have moved to a Donation base. We no longer have the “benefits” that came with membership (few with COVID) but do give recognition to all donors on our annual donor wall and will from time to time have free tickets. We encourage you to continue to support FolkWorks by donating here.

The FolkWorks calendar has a filter for Virtual Events. Use that filter to find them.

There is a envelope button on the top right hand corner plus a JOIN OUR EMAIL COMMUNITY section on the home page. Fill out the form and you will be added to the email list. We generally send out only one email per month. We respect your privacy and protect all data that is sent to us. We do not and will never sell or share that information.

There are many ways to support our work. You can contribute financially by becoming a donor. You can also support us by becoming a CONTRIBUTOR allows you to enter events into our Events Calendar, add articles to our FEATURES section and resources to our RESOURCES section. Click this link for the request to become a CONTRIBUTOR

The easiest way to find specific information about Dylan or anything or anybody that you are looking for on the FolkWorks website is to use the search icon (magnifying glass) at the top of homepage on the right side menu (or to the left of the hamburger menu).

We are always looking for writers about folk/traditional/roots music, dance, storytelling and other related folk arts. If you are an experienced writer or just beginning, we will review your work and if it meets our editorial standards (😊), we will ask you to submit the form to become a contributor. Send us a writing sample to us at

All our writers are unpaid. With our expected growth, we may be able to pay at some point in the future. Help get the word out!

We have a limited number of reviewers. If you have someone who is able to write and submit a review, we will consider publishing the review. We do not publish negative reviews and rarely review a single. A FolkWorks review means we highly recommend it. Click here to submit any questions about reviews.