Mother Hen’s Best of 2013

By Jeanette Lundgren

I heard an amazing batch of music this year by virtue of the fact that I was given the opportunity to host a 3+ hour internet radio show once weekly on and Not only could I showcase the wonderful artists I work for, but other artists (that I call "friends of the Hen") from all over the world.

HERE are some of the artists/CDs that I enjoyed playing on Mom Hens Corner in 2013:

ALL of the artists I work for ... I only work with musicians of quality and I am happy to share their music with my listeners every week. (A complete list of my clients can be found here).

Ben Reel - Anything at all from this artist; he crosses many genres and does it all well.....

Brother Sun CD: Some Part of the Truth - three amazing vocalists and songwriters combined. The songs are exquisite.

Jann Klose -Thanks to the submission from Anne Leighton, his music is never far from my playlist.

Marci Geller - She came to FAR-West and I had no room to showcase her but I do, now, get to play her tracks on my show.

Randy Granger - I first met Randy at FAR-West in Mesa, Arizona and was impressed by his music. Then I was able to back his kickstarter for Strong Medicine. His version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah is my top favorite version.

Steve Hott - He was already being played by Indie Showcase and Awesome Radio and I liked what I heard. Despite the fact that it’s rock/rappish, his Cold and Broken got into my head right off the bat and from there, I listened to his other songs and his music is an easy choice for any show. He also crosses different genres.

Tall Men Group - Excellence times 6.

Cal Scott - Wonderful male vocals and the ability to cross genres.

Carolyn Cruso - She is both a singer/songwriter and a hammered dulcimer player. ALL of her music is stellar. I heard her first at FAR-West 2011 in Eugene, and have been a fan ever since (and totally fascinated by the hammered dulcimer).

Beth Wood - Yowza vocals!

Keith Medley - Makes wonderful music with his harp guitar and he builds them too!

Guy Buttery - He found me in the Indie Bible and submitted his latest live CD ... wow! He makes the music of many with one guitar.

Andrew McKnight - He has been a favorite since I met and heard him live at NERFA '08 ... I have since backed a couple of his projects and am a huge fan.

Darden Smith CD: Love Calling - Saw the ad for this CD on Airplay Direct and loved what I heard .... now he's in my list of favorites to choose from on a weekly basis.

Chauncey Bowers Stray Trombone - Phe-nom-en-al and fun.

Passenger - Anything and everything Passenger.

Enter the Haggis - Ditto and ditto

Molly's Revenge - Because bagpipes and Irish Music and the best of.....

Little Black Train - Ten thumbs up

Merlin Snider - LOVE old timey music

Todd Lincoln Richards - I don't really "do" country except for Todd's music. I'm a big fan.

Berkley Hart - Top notch harmonies with songs that get into your head and stay there (which is fine because they're so good). LOVE being able to play their music on my show.

Debra Cowan - Because excellent traditional is excellent traditional. I especially like her a capella work.....

Rebecca Loebe CD: Circus Heart - The kind of songs that get into your head and stay there. Excellent vocals, too.

Jesse Terry - Everything from Grace on a Train but especially Coyotes.

Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald . I could listen all day. Exquisite harmonies and wonderful songs.

Eric Hansen - Everything. His kind spirit is evidenced in his music.

Also Jean Mann , Ric Taylor , Lisa Turner , and the list really does go on and on and on.....

Mom Hens Corner airs live weekly on Wednesdays starting at 6pm Pacific Time on www.indieshowcase.netand