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OCTOBER 18 -24, 2019 - 1:00pm & 3:15pm & 7:30pm
Laemmle Music Hall
9036 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Fiddlin' is a celebration of a place, its people and their music. Fiddlers and pickers pass their uplifting music from one generation to the next keeping Old-Time and Bluegrass alive in the Appalachian Mountains.

25th Annual SCDH Harvest Festival of Dulcimers

DAVE HAAS, Mountain Dulcimer

MARK ALAN WADE, Hammered Dulcimer


Sunday - Sept. 22, 2019

1) Hammered Dulcimer & Other Instruments

10am - 2pm - Private home in Fullerton

2) Fretted / Mountain Dulcimer

11am - 3pm - Private home in Long Beach/ Lakewood area

25th Annual SCDH Harvest Festival of Dulcimers 9/21/19- 9am-6pm25th Annual SCDH Harvest Festival of Dulcimers 9/21/19- 9am-6pm

OTHER WORKSHOPS ~ IT’S NOT JUST for DULCIMERS!!Plus 17 Hammered and Mountain Dulcimer Workshops & 2 Focus Workshops 9/22/19

AUTOHARP (Beginning/Intermed)-10:30-11:45am - Bring your own instrument or use aloaner. Topics covered: Autoharp basics, tuning, types of autoharps and how to playchords, strum & melodies using tablature. Some loaner instruments available.

• BODHRAN (Beginning) – Irish Frame Drum -10:30-11:45am – Bring your drum (or apizza box). Some pizza boxes provided. The instructor will have extra tippers (the stick).

• BOWED PSALTERY -9:00-10:15am – Introduction plus more advanced two-bow type ofplaying. Instruments provided. No previous musical experience required.

• DRUMS and FLUTES – Free - 2:30-3:30pm –Instruments are provided, but you can bringyour own. Learn basic sounds on the drum and how to play a pentatonic minor scale (5notes) on the flute. Explore scale-song melodies, universal rhythms and ensembleplaying. Native American Style Flutes in Dm or Am used.

• GO OUTSIDE (the Melody) and PLAY - 1:00-2:15pm – What do you do when you don’tknow the melody, it’s too fast or out of range or you just want to be creative. Learn somestrategies and share ideas for playing “outside”. Open to all instruments and vocalists.

• HARMONICA - 2:30-3:30pm–BYO or borrow. Down in the Valley and other simple songswill be taught as well as ‘playing cross-harp’ – playing in the key produced by pulling/breathing in – for a Bluesy sound. Music given plus a CD sampler of playing styles.

• SHAPE-NOTE SINGING– 1:00-2:15pm – Intro. to this uniquely American singing of 4-part hymns and anthems using the 4-shape musical notation of Sacred Harp resourcesand the traditional formation of singers facing each other.

• SING ALONG with BILL – 10:30-11:45am – Group singing workshop with a master ofparticipation music. Bill accompanies himself and others on fretted dulcimer/ ukulele/guitar/ 5 string banjo/ harmonica/ trombone/ pocket trumpet/ and cajon!

• STORYTELLING – The Power of Story – 1:00-2:15pm – An introduction to the craft ofstorytelling, including resources for further exploration and perhaps a good story or two.

• UKULELE (Beginning)- 9-10:15am-Intro. to the uke: tuning; basic strumming & chords;instruction on playing a few simple songs. Bring your own uke. A few loaners by request.

• FREE JAMMING – all day

2:30-3:30pm – WORKSHOP: ‘Ease into Jamming’ – All Instruments

2:30-3:30pm – COMMUNITY JAM – All Instruments

• CONCERT–4-6pm–paid admission

Dave Haas - Mountain Dulcimer and Mark Alan Wade – Hammered Dulcimer - Festival & Registration - Southern California Dulcimer Heritage nonprofit
Riviera United Methodist Church, 375 Palos Verdes Blvd., Redondo Beach, CA 90277


Here’s a show like no other that the Pasadena Folk Music Society has offered. Nevenka is a Los Angeles-based women’s folk chorus performing songs from Eastern Europe, including Russian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek and others. The group formed in 1976 as an off-shoot of the Aman Folk Ensemble. These women are primarily singers, and there may be over a dozen of them on stage! The singers span 30 years in age, and are a close-knit family with a strong team concept. Performing a delightful mix of roots music and composed pieces, they represent the great diversity within these East European countries. Considering that their music includes non-western rhythms and scales, be aware these are not simple pop songs, but deeply satisfying traditional folk music from the Balkans area. Come be transported in time and place to experience this spirited music!

Their usual venue, Beckman Institute Auditorium, is closed for renovations this summer, plus Nevenka would never fit in there, so they are holding this show in the larger Ramo Auditorium, which is located at the southern end of Baxter, the eastern building of the two identical buildings on either side of the “Beckman Mall”, the grassy area south of the round, white Beckman Auditorium. If you know where Beckman Institute is, we’ll have signs leading you to Ramo, and if you don’t, check out this map, find building 77 and Ramo is at the bottom end. The round map on this page might help you visualize the building better. In this larger hall, a sold out show is unlikely.

John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley


Featured at the Folk/Roots Festival

Willy Souly will be leading an African Dance Workshop

and featured in the Evening Concert

Paramount Ranch, home of the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival
destroyed by fire

On November 9, 2018 the #WoolseyFire has destroyed the iconic Western Town at Paramount Ranch, a piece of Hollywood history used to film shows like “Westworld” and “M*A*S*H.” It was the site of the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival since 1990. Click here for a short history of the Festival.

TBFC site after