art of the protest song

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2019 - 7:00PM
Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave., Altadena, CA 91001
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The Art of the Protest Song….a compilation of the songs of the protest movement. Some old, some new.

This is an art form all to itself. A rousing evening of musical mayhem. Down this great bunch of singers and writers.

“Somewhere deep in the bowels of the pyramids in Egypt, scrawled on the walls of a dark, undiscovered crypt, are the 3000-year old lyrics of a protest song written by a laborer, ranting about poor work conditions and exploitation by the ruling gentry.” Flash forward to:

The Art of the Protest Song - a celebration of the historical role of music in our culture, combining classic anthems from the past with original songs on contemporary topics. Join local artists Ernest Troost, Aireene Espiritu, Britta Lee Shain, Tom Corbett and Marty Axelrod for an evening of topical tunes sure to lift the spirts and soothe the soul.

Ernest Troost is an Emmy Award-winning composer, singer/songwriter and 2009 Kerrville New Folk winner. His songwriting combines folk and Piedmont-blues-style guitar with timeless stories and character portrayals drawn from the American past and present. “If the Carter Family, Robbie Robertson, and Alfred Hitchcock wrote songs together, they might sound like this.”

Folk singer/songwriter Aireene Espiritu serves up a tasty mix of stompin', swayin' and timeless Americana on ukulele and guitar. “Whether blues, hillbilly, soul, folk or R&B she demonstrates a masterly command of each. An authentic, authoritative vocalist with a distinctly sensitive manner of phrasing...” Johnny Whiteside, LA Times. Songwriter and author of the popular folk memoir Seeing the Real You at Last: Life and Love on the Road with Bob Dylan, Britta Lee Shain is known for her edgy vocals and pointed lyrics. “Shain’s unique brand of cool, bluesy folk-rock is more than “that” good. It is compelling.” - J. Morris, Folkworks.

Alt-folk scene mandolinist and “newgrass” performer Tom Corbett has been picking and grinning since before he was a teenager. A heralded mandolin teacher, Corbett has traveled the world playing with an eclectic assortment of famous artists ranging from John McEuen to Mike Ness. Acclaimed keyboardist/songwriter and music-scene favorite, Marty Axelrod hails from Ohio, a state that (he says), lest we forget, voted twice for Barack Obama.

“Long after the print has faded on the newspaper, the song will continue to be sung.”