Benefit for CGB


Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake Ave., Altadena, CA 92675
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As a benefit for the Coffee Gallery Backstage, one of the best and most beloved listening rooms in town, we are proud to present a concert of songs by the great Jackson Browne, who is known to give more benefit concerts every year, and for more causes, than just about everyone else.

So we have designed a show all of Jackson's music with an awesome assembly of beloved Angeleno singer-songwriters and a great backing band, all to raise money for the Coffee Gallery Backstage.

Long known as one of the best listening rooms in Los Angeles and cherished both by performers and audience, the Backstage's reputation is due to the vision of Bob Stane, a local legend who booked the Ice House for decades. Not only does he ensure an intimate theater-like setting for every show, he books all the acts himself, and consistently brings in the best national and international touring performers in Americana, country, traditional music, Celtic music, Irish music, jazz and more.

But running a club at this level in this town is a costly endeavor, and so once a year or so, many great performers - all veterans of the venue - unite around the songs of a great artist to raise money for the club.

You are invited to join in, as a way of supporting this great cause, and to pay tribute to the inspirational greatness of Jackson Browne.

And to sing along!

Hosted by Paul Zollo 
Produced by David Harvey and Paul Zollo

Zachary Provost, Manda Mosher, Stephen Kalinich, Bliss Bowen, Chad Watson, Pam Loe, Phoebe Wilson, Wild Mountain Mystics, Neil Rosengarden, Lisa Johnson & Earl Grey, Lisa Turner, and Robert Morgan Fisher.

With our house band:

Chad Watson, Al Bonhomme, Brad Swanson, Neil Rosengarden