For Musicians Only:
Joan Baez's Set List

From the UCLA Live! Royce Hall Concert

February 19, 2009

By Ross Altman

1)      Lily of the West-Traditional; key* (see below)  of Gm, capo 3rd fret; play Em

2)      Scarlett Tide-new song from Day After Tomorrow by Elvis Costello and T-Bone Burnett;

3)      God Is God-from Day After Tomorrow by Steve Earle; key of Ab, capo 1st fret; play G;

4)      Silver Dagger-Traditional; key of E; capo 2nd fret; play D

5)      Love Song to a Stranger-by Joan Baez; key of Bb; capo 3rd fret; play G;

6)      Farewell Angelina-by Bob Dylan; key of C

7)      Gospel Ship-Carter Family; key of F#; capo 6th fret; play C;

8)      Christmas in Washington-by Steve Earle; key of G

9)      Catch the Wind-by Donovan; key of G

               (At this point in the concert I was tapped on the shoulder by a reporter sitting behind me who asked me to stop using my flashlight, so I was not able to write down most of the keys for the rest of her set, though I did get the titles);

10)  Rose of Sharon-new song from Day After Tomorrow by Eliza Gilkison


11)  (Solo Set) Long Black Veil-by Marijon Wilkins and Danny Dill

12)  Wanderer-from Day After Tomorrow by Steve Earle;

13)  Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word-by Bob Dylan;

14)  Jerusalem-by Steve Earle; key of G;


15)  (Band Returns) Honest Lullaby-by Joan Baez

16)  Sweet Sir Galahad-by Joan Baez

17)  Diamonds and Rust-by Joan Baez; key of Em

18)  Swing Low, Sweet Chariot-Traditional (sung A Capella)


19)  Encores; Gracias a la Vida-by Violetta Para;

20)  The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down-by Robbie Robertson

*The key represents the key Joan sings in; the chords she plays are often different from the key, depending on which fret she capos the guitar, which I indicate separately-I only indicate the one chord which would determine the key were their no capo.  Her guitar arrangements are addressed in more detail on at least one web site.

By the way, these notations are for singers who accompany themselves on guitar; lead guitarist and the band's music director John Doyle never used a capo.

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