January-February 2007

By Linda Dewar

This column may be a bit different than some of my others. That’s partly because I’m writing it in motel rooms during a drive from LA to New York, a sea voyage, and another drive, in the process of moving to Scotland. By the time you read this, the move will be over, but right now as I write there are some topics that come to mind because of recent events.


Some of you iPod users already know this, I’m sure, but for those who haven’t discovered it yet, I heartily recommend that before you embark on your next driving trip you invest in one of those gizmos that lets you listen to your iPod through your car stereo by tuning it to an FM frequency. We’ve been using one for the past thousand miles, set on random play. It’s like having a radio station that only plays songs you like and never goes out of range. If I’d thought of it, I’d also have put together a few playlists with specific purposes, like music to keep you awake and alert after you’ve passed 500 miles in a day.


Just before leaving, we spent the weekend at another Scottish festival, and once again I found myself answering a familiar question—“I want to learn about Scottish songs; what albums should I buy?


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