Linda Dewar’s Top Ten

(in no particular order):

1. Live gig: Crooked Still at Perthshire Amber festival

2. Live gig: Julie Fowlis at Perthshire Amber festival

3. CD: Duncan Chisholm, Canaich

4. Artists/CD/Live gigs: The McCalmans. Ian McCalman is retiring after 40 years, and the McCalmans will be no more. Their farewell tour has been a year-long event that will not soon be forgotten.

5. Venue: Glenfarg Folk Club. Please, please... someone in Southern California, try starting a UK-style folk club. It could work there, I’m sure.

6. CD: The Poozies, Yellow Like Sunshine

7. CD: Yo-yo Ma & Friends, Songs of Joy & Peace. Is it a Christmas album? Well, sort of, but not really. It’s exactly what the title says... and with ‘friends’ like Natalie McMaster, Dave Brubeck, Jake Shimabukuro, and Alison Krauss, among others, it’s a brilliant album.

8. Tune Book: Blair Douglas, Manran (A Music Collection). He was Scots Trad Music Composer of the Year in 2008, and with good reason. This is a collection of his best tunes.

9. CD: Carolina Chocolate Drops: Genuine Negro Jig

10. Artist: Anna Massie. She’s one of the most amazing guitarists I’ve ever heard. She performs solo, plays in a duo with box and pipe diva Mairearad Green, and is heard on backing tracks for artists from Phil & Aly to Karen Matheson.

An American now living in Scotland, Linda Dewar is a singer and a player of various instruments with strings and keys. She can be found performing Scottish and American folk music at gatherings on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as singing In the Aberfeldy and District Gaelic Choir. Visit her website.