Ricardo Aguero

February 4, 1955- February 27, 2013

By Roger Goodman, Monika White & Lynn Hackstaff

Ricardo_AgueroRicardo Aguero died of a massive heart attack on Wednesday, February 27, 2013. He was a gentle soul, a talented poet, an avid movie fan, a music appreciator and an exceptional photographer. His combined interest in music and photography brought him into our circle and he became the semi-official photographer for the annual Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest. All of us in the community he so beautifully captured in his pictures will miss him. His pictures are on Topanga Banjo Fiddle on FB:

Topanga 2012 Pictures

Topanga 2011 Pictures

Topanga 2010 Pictures

Topanga 2008 Pictures

Topanga 2007 Pictures

Ricardo was born and raised in Lubbock, TX, the youngest of five children. His maternal grandmother was full Apache and lived out her life on a reservation in New Mexico. Ricardo came from a musical family and both his father and an older brother sang and played various instruments. Ricardo, too, had a beautiful singing voice, studied classical cello and played some folk guitar as well.

His work life was spent in various roles in IT. He is survived by two siblings, three children ages 16-27, and the three women he loved as an adult who all still hold him dear. Ricardo was someone who was easy to love, and his easy laughter, caring ways, and those wonderful dimples made him unforgettable.

Friends for many years, we (Roger & Monika) have fond memories of vacationing with him and his wife, Lynn. Here’s our favorite picture of Ricardo being visited by a family of monkeys while we were on a river trip in Costa Rica.


Ricardo’s page on FB