Touring Desert Blues at the Echo, April 21 - 5:30PM

By Tom Cheyney

IMARHANThunderclap of raw electric, brief hush, familiar lopey gait acrisscross the sands.

It’s that thing again, the desiccated goodness, that treasure of the Sahelian harmonic distortion.

Tinariwen kicked it off, held Kalashnikov in one hand, knockoff-off guitar in the other.

Guit won. At least in their hearts.

Now they pass it on to the next generation.

Which brings us to Imarhan.

Mentored at the face of the master. Lend me your voice, your guitar, and your drums. And your claps. Gotta have some claps.

IMARHAN Album coverThey’re relatively new to the desert blues world tour, getting the hangtime of it, seem to be fitting right in. Second album’s out, Temet (City Slang records), and it’s a good un. Enough of that Tamashek torrential rockiness for any road, quiet melancholic nostalgic to the pain point, at least as angry and bitter as they should be, and did I mention losing time when dancing to it?

Me and you both, hermanas y hermanos. Me and you both.

Ancient, yet as now as any cross-cheynsawed groove a-swell.

Riding Imarhan’s groove a-swell recommended, so don’t pass up a chance to ride it

At the newly resounded Echo

Saturday, April 21, 2018 - 5:30pm

The Echo

1822 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026