By Ella Lehavi

Ella LehaviTo begin this essay, let me give you a brief introduction. I am Ella Lehavi, professional middle school student. I specialize at transposition, sketching, writing novels, reading novels, playing instruments, math, and watching TV. However, being around people is NOT a special skill of mine, unless I absolutely must. I’m a big fan of music, both listening and making. I’ve played piano since I was around 8, and began cello in fifth grade. I have a good ear, and often figure out songs in my free time. I also like composing and writing my own songs. I prefer instruments with lower tones, like the Cello, bass, and guitaron. Instruments like those don’t often have the melody, but play an important role when it comes to rhythm. The sort of resemble me. When it comes to Hale’s (Hale Charter Academy Middle School) social structure, I’m not exactly popular or playing the melody, but it is still essential to have people like me making the rhythm.

The first time I’ve heard the mariachi band was at my elementary school, Lockhurst. We had gone on the field trip to Hale that all fifth graders take. I remember one song about a lost boy, where one trumpeter had stepped out of the auditorium. Bit by bit, solo by solo, he’d slowly come back to a corresponding trumpeter. The song must have been the coolest thing that my ten year old ears had heard and eyes had seen. I’d like to be part of an ensemble that can work well, behave, and play good music. Though I am not much of a people person, I often try my best to work with others. Even the rather arrogant, rude, or obnoxious are ok; so long as there is no inner fighting and nonsense.

I also like cultural music. You can learn a bit about life in different places through listening to songs from different places. For example, some songs describe life as a miner during the gold rush. I’m sure that some mariachi songs tell a bit about Mexican lifestyles. Even when you don’t understand the words, you can hear via the beat and notes when the high and low points come. Just like the song about the lost boy, you can tell what’s going on. Music from other countries can teach you about the everyday life and struggles of people who are as far away as the moon or as close as yourself. Sometimes, you can even learn about yourself when you listen and play music. Cultural music is something fun that I’d like to try.

In the book Looking for Alaska, the main character begins by explaining the “Great Perhaps” he seeks. I, too, seek a great perhaps, or something unordinary. I’m sure joining a mariachi group will be a new experience, since I’m so used to traditional orchestras and bands. Middle School is where I hope to find myself, my interests, and maybe even my own Great Perhaps. I’m sure joining the mariachi band will get me one step closer, at least.

Now that you know who I am and why I’d like to join mariachi band, I hope you consider accepting me. I hope that this audition goes well, and that I’ll be accepted into the ensemble. Working with a more professional group has always appealed to me. Mariachi will teach me more about Spanish culture. And maybe my Great Perhaps will come from playing the guitaron. Who knows? Until then, I hope you enjoyed reading my essay and consider me a possible candidate.

Ella Lehavi is a 6th grader at Hale Charter Academy Middle School in West Hills, CA.  She has been playing piano for 3 years and Cello for the past 2 years.  She has been accepted to play in Hale's Advanced Orchestra and Mariachi Bands under the direction of Mr. Dan Taguchi.  For a full calendar of performances and more information about Mr. Taguchi and the Hale music program, visit their website.  In addition to music, Ella is fluent in Hebrew and active in her temple's youth group, passionate about literature-both reading and writing, and drawing and art.  She also enjoys spending her free time with family and friends and dancing.