The community supports a friend in time of need

Ron Sarfaty 2Ron Sarfaty was 33 years old when he suffered his first heart attack, then 2 years later he suffered another one. He continued working as an engineer, raising his family, and doing the things people do. He was at Disneyland the day before Father’s Day in 2004, when he had a massive stroke. Life changed. Ron has been in a wheelchair since, but he is a fiercely independent soul. He drives himself where he needs to be in his wheelchair adapted van; that is until March 23, 2013, when his van was totaled! He is devastated by the loss of independence in not being able to get himself where he needs to be. The community is raising funds to help Ron replace his 18 year old/250,000 mile van, with the modifications necessary to drive from his electric wheelchair. His insurance covers current value only, not replacement value.

Ron refers to himself as “the guy in the wheel chair” who video tapes the singer-songwriters all over Los Angeles and the Western United States. Ron has been a major asset to the singer-songwriter community for more than 15 years. He started out digitally recording audio for performers at house concerts. He would take the recording, mix it, edit it, and then give the recording to the artist(s) at no cost. 11 years ago he shifted into videography, video-taping the performers at their gigs and editing the videos for them. His donated work includes taping 100+ performers, and editing at least 500 separate videos from their performances. He has also produced multiple music videos and DVDs, all out of pocket.

There will be a benefit on Sunday, May 5th, from 7-11 pm at The Talking Stick Coffee Lounge in Venice, CA.

The benefit, with Emcees Tara Sitser and Tom Hubbard, will feature a songwriter-in-the-round with Wendy Waldman, John Batdorf, James Lee Stanley and Dave Tucker and upstairs song circles for open participation hosted by John Mollenhauer. It will also include stage performances by many well-loved LA-based artists including: Lauren Adams, Severin Browne, Fur Dixon, Susie Glaze, Jeff Gold, Earl Grey & Lisa Johnson, Tom Hubbard & Ken Holme (H2), Michael Wesley Hughes, Arlene Kole, John Mollenhauer, Dave Morrison, Lisa Nemzo, Tracy Newman, Tara Sitser, Gary Stockdale, Ric Taylor, Tim Tedrow & Terry Vreeland, Jaynee Thorne, Ed Tree, Chad Watson & Pam Loe, Joyce Woodson and John Zipperer.

Aside from the roster of talent performing at the benefit, community involvement includes various house concert and small venue promoters: Russell & Julie Paris (Oak Park), Jaynee Thorne (North Hills), Jeff Gold - West Valley Music Center (West Hills), John & Julie Zipperer (Northridge), Lauri Reimer - The Talking Stick (Venice), Steve Brogden - Thousand Oaks Library, Lauren Adams - Genghis Cohen (Los Angeles), and Bob Stane – Coffee Gallery Backstage (Altadena). Other prominent singer-songwriter advocates pitching in are Roz Larman (KPFK Folkscene radio show) and Paul Zollo (editor of American Songwriter and Blue Railroad magazine).

Videos are the singer-songwriter's most valuable tool in the digital age. They're used to pitch promoters for gigs and are uploaded to YouTube to promote the artist to both local and global audiences. Singer-songwriters websites are used as press kits with the video as the make-or-break aspect of the success of the performer's impression. The cost of these videos, to the singer-songwriters who are often independent artists, with little or no backing, can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Ron’s generosity has been immense, which is why the response to give back to this very kind and generous man has been immense.

Benefit for Ron Sarfaty

May 5th 7-11 pm

The Talking Stick Coffee Lounge

1411 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, California 90291

(310) 450-6052

Visit this website to donate. Paypal and tax deductible options are provided, along with information to make donations by personal check.