November-December 2009

Old Time Grindhouse

-- Fiddle Lesson #8
The Horney Ewe


Goleta Fiddler's Convention

By David Bragger

david bragger fiddling

On October 11 we had another whopping old-time music infused day at the 38th Annual Old-Time Fiddler's Convention in Goleta. It is one of the biggest days of the year for me. Several of my students compete, many musicians jam throughout the grounds, and bands play on the performance stage. The line-up was strong as well as diverse this year. Molly's Revenge spun the audience into a Celtic frenzy, Laurie Lewis performed with her partner Tom Rozum, and finally Sausage Grinder pounded the audience with old-time string band music and naughty blues tunes. This year we introduced workshops led by Christopher Berry (old-time blues guitar) and myself on the old-time fiddle. I nearly lost my voice teaching everyone!! If you missed it this year, make a point of going in 2010. There are rumors of a square dance!!

For this month's fiddle tune, I'm going to teach something more approachable for the beginners and early intermediate fiddlers. It was a huge success as my workshop tune at Goleta this year. It's a tune by West Virginia fiddler Ernie Carpenter called The Horney Ewe, pronounced Horny-O. It short, rhythmic and a little crooked. Enjoy!!

GDGD tuning at Medium tempo with bowing
("The Horny Ewe")

Santa Barbara Banjo Fiddle Contest

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