Los Angeles is a city that defines the image of American pop culture, strong and loud and imitated throughout the world. Yet, in the midst of the glitz and noise, there is a softer voice rooted in people getting together to sing, play, dance and tell stories. We are the living communities of the folk and traditional arts fueled by the energy of Los Angeles' vibrant and culturally diverse population.

FolkWorks online features articles and columns, interviews and CD reviews. FolkWorks publishes an extensive calendar listing.

FolkWorks provides an alternative voice for the folk/roots/trad music, dance and related folk arts – vibrant, culturally diverse communities of Southern California, often overlooked by the popular media. In the tradition of our print publication which was published from January 2001 to July 2007, we continue to release our columns bi-monthly. (For those of you interested, you can view the archives in PDF format.)

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DISCOVER the joy in getting together to sing, play instruments, dance, tell stories or just sit back and listen.